Monthly Archives: July 2018

Can The World Be Our Oyster?

Lunar Eclipse And Full Moon Activating the Humanitarian and Leader archetypes, we are in the midst of alchemy, and not quite knowing how to turn this all around. Thus creating the perfect time to turn inward and examine our own personal shadow that has being held in the darkness of this lunar eclipse. Darkness brings a metaphoric light to what we cannot see and what we have been trying to avoid. Take this opportunity to invite your inner light (the […]

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A Deep Internal Shift

  New Moon In Cancer This is a time to reflect upon our efforts over the past few months. Cancer, The Mother of all, invites us to a homecoming with our deepest self, to reunite us with who we truly are, and live it. Our old paradigm of beliefs cannot hold solid with the Solar Eclipse activation that is collectively occurring. Old mindsets want to die, new concepts are emerging from an internal desire to fulfill our deepest passions that […]

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