Monthly Archives: June 2018

You Get To Decide

Capricorn Full Moon The full moon in Capricorn shines bright, illuminating clearly our current predicament. The last new moon stirred up new information that is now pressuring us to be emotionally responsible for the new reality we find ourselves in. Old patterns have surfaced, triggering some of us to feel like a victim, and others, accepting the challenge to forge the new paradigm. Either way there is a threshold crossing in each decision we make towards our new future, and […]

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Another Talking Head

New Moon In Gemini With a lot of information swirling around in our heads lately, trying to sort things out has become a bit of a challenge. We want a plan to move forward but are not sure which decisions to make. The two talking heads of Gemini are making it hard to know which is the heart voice and which is the fear. The beauty of this new moon is that it offers discovery for a new way to […]

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