Monthly Archives: May 2018

What Is Emerging?

The Full Moon In Sagittarius The Sagittarius full moon offers renewed hope to the shaky ground we have been trying to settle within.  Insights have come forth, bringing a clearer perspective into view that is helping us to really see what the truth is. So much has clouded our vision up to this point, so use this opportunity to see your situation with fresh eyes. Ask yourself if the following of this new path aligns with your authentic self and true […]

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A Brave New Earth

 New Moon In Taurus The new moon cycle is primed for new ideas, creative vision and new wishes that have the potential to come to fruition. As we meet this months Taurus moon, the tone is set with a slow and steady pace forward. We are taking stock; what we possess and what possess us, what we value and what values us. We are evaluating and inspired to align with what rings true inside. It IS a new earth. With the […]

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