Monthly Archives: March 2018


Full Moon In Libra Look into the eyes of another to see what is hidden within yourself, and brave the reflection you see. The full moon sheds its light into your inner home of the heart, asking you to take a stance for harmony through conflict from within. This full moon ushers in the Warrior to take action towards right relationship and to challenge your own judgements. Libra likes to maintain balance but sometimes in order to find it, the […]

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Emotional Healing

Dreams and imaginations wander freely in the watery world of Pisces energy, along with opportunity for healing past deep wounds. The mystical realm of Pisces is a place of magic and alchemy that awaits your entrance, to bridge your gap. The New Moon (also known as the dark feminine) is a time to think about what you really want to draw into your life, but this month before you draw in, you must let go. The relationship to your inner […]

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Full Moon In Virgo

Organized Grace Virgo’s energy is afoot and teaming up with the sign of Pisces. Together these two archetypes are represented with this months full moon, weaving a union between the practical and the sensitive. A powerful combination that encourages emotional attunement. Virgo desire to maintain a clear direct path gives form to this highly active full moon. Helping you to tune in to a clear channel of direction along with unencumbered imagination from Pisces. What an exquisite dance! Allow your […]

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