Monthly Archives: January 2018

Full Moon In Leo

 Hear Me Roar! Productive drama is your goal; but is there really such a thing? Of course there is, and that will be your mission, to differentiate as you head into this highly active Super Blood Blue Moon. Leo’s expressive energy wants to play, create, direct and be seen, so life these days can get a little tricky. A motivator for change this Super Moon’s energy will rise to the occasion (as courage is Leo’s attribute) and the challenge will be […]

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New Moon In Capricorn

  Forward Movement The New Moon sparks movement into the direction that has been waiting for you. Come alive with determination and establish your purpose. The earthy nature of Capricorn wants production and results; being useful is mandatory! Clarify your niche and make it happen. A journey is not possible without inspiration, and each mindful step takes you closer to your goal of manifesting what you crave. And what you crave is captured from living in alignment with your authentic purpose. […]

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Full Moon In Cancer

An Emotional Homecoming With the sign of cancer resting comfortably in its home position in the full moon, there is an internal homecoming ready for you to access. The birth of the New Year in combination with the elements of this powerful full moon, dives you deeper into the emotional and intuitive atmospheres of your life. The flood gates can no longer hold what has been building inside you and will push to be released. But be mindful, this highly […]

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