Monthly Archives: November 2017

New Moon In Scorpio

 Sit in the raw power of this Scorpio new moon. Transform yourself by unearthing those buried fears that are lurking just below your surface. Then, take flight like the eagle, soar over the land, look below to the broaden perspective, observe what is really going on inside you. Trust your instincts and move beyond the primal fears that keep you in the skin that you are in. You can only hide from perceived power and control for so long, until […]

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The Full Moon In Taurus

Are You Ready To Receive?  If you are ready to receive then it is time for you to dive into where you are holding yourself back. The resources are abundant and yours for the taking but only if you see your self-worth. Stretch your imagination with what you would like to receive, allow your body to envelop your desires as you swim in the knowing of your heart. What you feel and desire is ready to be aligned; setting you […]

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