Monthly Archives: October 2017

The New Moon In Libra

What Is Being Awakened In You? The interaction to self is the most profound and intimate relationship that we all have. If you had you on the other end of yourself, explaining how you make, you feel, what would you say? What kind of partner are you to yourself? The new moon is a time of reflection and for setting new patterns in your life.  Libra’s themes of balance and relationships are the focus. Take a moment to evaluate these […]

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The Magic Of The Full Moon

October 5, 2017 The magic of the full moon gives you an opportunity to be in the flow of the cosmos. This powerful energy brings illumination and allows new perspectives to emerge.  This month the theme is emotional revelations and declarations.  Something has been building inside of you , and the Aries moon demands that you let it out.  Over the next two weeks, you will discover more clearly what this means for you. For now,  you can’t sit on […]

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