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This Is The Dawning Of…

THE AGE OF AQUARIUS COMING MARCH 2023 Why is this note worthy? Read further to understand why! The planet and archetype of transformation, death and rebirth, (Pluto) will finally cycle into the sign of Aquarius, the sign of humanitarianism, revolutionaries and innovation, in 2023. This is note worthy! The coming of these two archetypes have a mission together, to transform and evolve us. Not only does this archetypal era mark a greater revolutionary growth in technology but also a humanitarian potential of universal inclusivity. Are you feeling me? Pluto destroys […]

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Now Is The Time

A Spiritual Warrior   The battle of the Spiritual Warrior within is a battle of mastery of the self. It is an inner battle for truth and wisdom in the name of Love. Requiring courage and resiliency a Spiritual Warrior is someone who embraces the journey as a personal choice and accepts the enemy within. They are independent, self-directed and devoted to facing the challenges that confront them. Their guiding principal of integrity is the code of honor from which life is lived by […]

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Hope And My Inner America

Hope: “Grounds for believing something good may happen, the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled” The above is to remind myself of what it feels like; just in case. I have managed most of my life to live, having hope; hope is that invisible presence of possibility that you don’t realize it’s power until its gone. Like I said, most of my life its been there, but not always.My most profound memory of lost hope was the day […]

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