Monthly Archives: August 2016

Brighter Days to Come

Saturn’s trek out of Scorpio (June 2013- Sept 2015) brings you out of the dark, emotional crevasses of your psyche and into the light of truth in Sagittarius.Saturn, the planet of authority and responsibility, will transit through the mutable fire sign Sagittarius from January 2015 until December 2017. A two and a half year period of inspection, focus, serious work, and sacrifice to rebuild your Judge, Teacher, Sage, and Visionary archetypes within the Self. This is a time of expansion […]

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Don’t Let Your Passion Die Inside You

HOPEIt’s not logical or even reasonableIt is our heart telling our head that we cannot surrenderFor to give in to the trials of life is to let them win over us.For a whisper hope grows slowlyFirst in a moderate tone and finally to a roarIt supersedes fear, sorrow, and even despairIt gives us the courage to try again.‘Pick yourself up,” it demands“Can’t you see that tomorrow has better things in store.”And begin to believe in ourselves, and we ariseTo meet […]

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