Monthly Archives: March 2014

Awaken The Warrior Within…The Spiritual Warrior

As I walk my Spiritual path I have moments of enlightenment. And although I know I will never be fully enlightened, I continue my journey forward. The battle of the Spiritual Warrior is mastery of one’s self. It is an inner battle for truth and wisdom in the name of Love. Requiring courage and resiliency a Spiritual Warrior is someone who embraces the journey as a personal choice and accepts the enemy within. They are independent, self-directed and devoted to […]

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Fear The Watcher of Our Path

Controlling our lives gives us a sense of security that nothing will change unless we want it to. The comfort in what is familiar keeps us feeling safe. But what happens when we want a change, like end a relationship, move to a new city, let go of a job, or just make different choices about our life? What arises when we challenge our own control and the once natural order of our lives feels at risk? Buddhism teaches us […]

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