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Teresa Campos

Spiritual Teacher, Curandera (Medicine Woman), Intuitive Astrologer.

I am an impeccable warrior, dreamer, hunter of power, and a seer, standing on the edges of time. I was thrust nearly thirty-one years ago into the realm of the unseen, into the void, the vortex of mystery. My spirit hovers and wanders guided by the voice of my spirit guide – the nagual. This, for me, has been a journey of wonderment and exhilaration.

I work as a Spiritual Teacher, Curandera (Medicine Woman), and Intuitive Astrologer. I help individuals awaken, tap into their power, and connect with nature and their spiritual essence. I harness the power of ancient wisdom teachings to provide guidance and the knowledge of the cosmos to offer intuitive direction and clarity.

Aho, Amen, Namaste.

~ Your journey to freedom lies within the choices and the relationship with how you walk with power.

Teresa Campos

My Services

Guiding Your Path to Power, Awareness, and Healing.

Your Life's Design Program - A Medicine Walk Into Your Destiny

The Your Life’s Design Program is a transformative journey into your destiny aimed at awakening your power and healing your spirit. This exclusive program is designed to help you access your inner consciousness and align with your higher self.

A key focus of the program is guiding you to connect with your higher self. You will learn how to listen to its guidance, align your actions and goals with your true purpose, and live a deeply fulfilling life in line with your core values and aspirations.


Astrology Readings

Imagine having a blueprint that could help you understand your life path. Astrology is a powerful tool that combines science and spirit, allowing you to make sense of the design of your life.

Through astrology, you can gain insight into your strengths, challenges, and purpose, providing clarity and guidance for your journey. As an Intuitive Astrologer, Teresa uses the wisdom of the cosmos to shine a light on your path forward.

Women's Circle

Your Life’s Design Women’s Circle wholeheartedly embraces your unique identity, encouraging you to embrace your true essence. You are invited to shed the mask of societal expectations and show up as your genuine self.

It is exclusively designed for women who want to have a community with liked-minded souls.

Throughout our sessions, we delve into concepts of spirituality and explore various teachings that will enrich your life. In addition, we share knowledge while incorporating the observations from your astrological birth chart better to comprehend your personality and clarity your life path.

Teresa Campos

Your Life's Design Program

Teresa’s cutting-edge program, Your Life’s Design (TM), goes beyond traditional self-help methods to offer a revolutionary personal transformation approach. By delving deep into the inner workings of the mind and spirit, this program seeks to uncover and address the root causes of limitations and barriers that may be holding you back.

Teresa’s intuition and expertise in astrology allow her to create a personalized experience for each individual she works with. By understanding your unique astrology blueprint, she will tailor her approach to your specific needs.

Her dedication to leading a Spiritual Warrior’s life is evident in her work.
For more than three decades, she has been dedicated to expanding her knowledge and spiritual growth by immersing herself in the teachings of the nagual tradition. In her quest to deepen her connection to her native roots, she has embarked on an apprenticeship with a respected Medicine Man in Arizona City.

Through this apprenticeship, she is gaining invaluable insights into the ancient practices and wisdom of the nagual, learning how to tap into the energies of the natural world and harness them for healing and transformation.


Teresa Campos

Astrology Readings

Birth Chart

Teresa Campos

Client Reviews

What my clients say:

Teresa provided me the accountability, guidance, and empowerment I was seeking at a challenging and pivotal time in my life. We worked together consistently for 6 months. She wove astrology and spirituality into her amazing guidance. She opened my eyes up to my truth and encouraged me to do meaningful and effective work that fostered my growth. Teresa guided me to see that I am powerful and connected, and helped me understand the whole of who I am. I expanded from having little trust in myself to confidently moving toward what feels good with deep faith and trust in my intuition.

Claire B.

Teresa's reading opened up new understandings of how my parental dynamics have contributed to how I get stuck and disempowered today. She pinpointed the steps that will help me move forward in a natural flow. I highly recommend Teresa's work, not just as an astrologer, but also as a Spiritual Guide

Anne C.

The path to enlightenment is filled with unusual and sometimes difficult truths. In 'Braving the Self,' Teresa Campos distills some of the hard-won wisdom gleaned from her own courageous journey as a mold-breaker and spiritual warrior. This is a book for those who are willing to go against the grain of society and honor their passions instead of settling for crumbs. 'Braving the Self' celebrates the pain and ecstasy of the kind of growth that leads to inner and outer freedom, making the journey worth it at any price.

Jill H.

Teresa guided me to see that I am powerful and connected, and helped me understand the whole of who I am. I expanded from having little trust in myself to confidently moving toward what feels good with deep faith and trust in my intuition.

Barbara K.
Teresa Campos

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