Services Designed to Support and Empower Your Journey

Welcome! If you are someone who is re-evaluating your life’s direction and wanting a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment, than my coaching is an invitation to discover what is possible.

  1. Do you want to redirect your life focus?

  2. Are you looking for deeper meaning and fulfillment?

  3. Are you currently being faced with a Life Challenge?

  4. How empowered would you feel if you took action to change your life?

  5. Do you want to move forward but are not sure how and where to begin?

Most often people want to make a change by creating or achieving something different in their lives yet are not quite certain how to begin. They seek a renewed sense of fulfillment and want to make a personal invest in themselves. A Professional Coach can help you navigate these changes.


My name is Teresa Campos and I am a Life Coach specializing in personal transformation. I provide guidance for individuals and groups in managing themselves more effectively to achieve a deeper level of personal fulfillment. My role is to inspire, challenge and provide perspective to help you transform your life. My coaching draws from my passion for helping others find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Every coach has a personal style. My integrative approach is drawn from my coaching training from The Coaches Institute along with extensive coursework in the art and science of metaphysics from Caroline Myss Education.  I have many years of personal study in eastern and esoteric philosophies as well as being a Professional Astrologer.

As a life coach and competitive athlete I bring a full spectrum to my coaching practice, integrating the mind, body, spirit connection into practical application. Body awareness is an important factor in the transformation process. Being comfortable with what we feel in our body moves us out of fear and into choice.   

I work with clients to help them achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Self-Actualization: The discovery, of who you are, independent from conditioned behaviors,
    is key to being fully alive and finding meaning in life. 

  2. Action: A vision helps establish direction and aligns you with valued priorities.

  3. Self sabotage: Everyday choices can limited or empower us.

  4. Perspective: Challenges can transform into opportunities for growth.

  5. Intuition: Your inner voice allows a larger scope of perspective, choice and guidance.

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